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I don’t remember having any graphical crashes prior to v2.3.0. I see similar issues in other posts here on the technical support forum likely related to the same issue. Just to be safe, I updated to the latest NVidia drivers, but it may have made things worse, as now I’m crashing in combat areas, whereas before I only crashed in town.

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Usually, when you’re not gaming, the laptop shifts over to this integrated graphics card to save some juice. However, due to issues with recognizing the game or faulty power saving settings, the laptop can actually forget to shift over to your graphics card when it is actually needed. This, obviously, results in the game trying to run on the slower integrated graphics chip.

What often happens is that thermal throttling kicks in on your graphics card, shuts the GPU down, crashes the graphics driver which crashes the game. Windows 10 can recover from a graphics driver crash which is why you may still be able to use it as normal afterwards. Games cannot usually survive a graphics driver crash.

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In this solution, we will navigate to your Services and disable the service manually. I’ve mostly had it crash in town, but just now I had a crash in a combat zone. I’m also using an NVidia card , but our systems are pretty different overall (AMD processor, more RAM, dual monitors running @ 2560×1440, gaming monitor @96Hz).

The result, as expected, is disastrously bad FPS, straight crashes, or just unbearable stutters. However, the problem may not become apparent without actually digging into the settings themselves. NVIDIA Streamer service comes bundled with the latest graphics cards released by NVIDIA. It runs as a background service on your computer all the time and comes into play when you are streaming using NVIDIA’s application. We saw that this service conflicted with Wither 3 a lot and cause several issues including the crashing.

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Once your graphics card drivers and other drivers are updated, you can relaunch your games. Hope this time you will not be interrupted by computer crash. Therefore, "computer crashes when playing games on Windows 10" can be blamed to the incompatibility between your current graphics card driver and this operating system.

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I play other games Destiny 2, Witcher 3, Heroes of the Storm and do not experience this behavior and they are graphically more intensive . The only solution that I’ve found is to turn down the graphics down but the crashes are so specific that it’s frustrating. For example it consistently happens near the Jade Construct in Ember Bay and now with the latest patch, within the Special Forces Training Area and I’ve seen it in the inital phase of the Swampland Fractal but only once. I turn my graphics to highest when I leave these areas and there’s no issues. I’m running a GTX 970 but I can’t remember the other specs off hand.