How To Fix Your Computer Is Low On Memory Windows 10

Moreover, the program can stop the open of intrusive advertising, which also leads to faster loading of web-pages and reduce the consumption of web traffic. Once installation is finished successfully, press Finish button.

I have been using this DLL for years, and sometimes the only way to prevent aspSmartUpload.dll from erroring is to restart the machine. Another Limit Property controls the amount of time the server allows ASP requests to complete. The Script Time-out property defaults to one minute thirty seconds. In my case, the file I’m trying to delete is a zip file.

  • Therefore LoadLibrary (which is a function of kernel32.dll) is mapped to the same address as well.
  • By removing the ability to disable it via the registry, fans of third-party antivirus software will need to find another way to get around Windows Defender.
  • Now that you’ve learned how to disable Windows Defender in two different ways, it’s time to learn even more about your operating system.

5) If the issue continues repeat the steps going back to the LastLoggedOnProvider. 4) Push this GPO settings to the client machine to take effect. SendInput commands simulate keyboard key-presses.

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Now, it would be wise to make sure that the function pointers are not equal to NULL and that they hold the functions of the DLL. That is just a simple if statement; if one of them does equal NULL, you must free the library as mentioned above. An HINSTANCE is a Windows dat type that is a handle to an instance; in this case, that instance will be the DLL. You get the instance of the DLL by using the LoadLibrary() function; it takes in a name as the parameter. After the call to LoadLibrary, you must check to see whether the function succeeded. You can do so by checking whether the HINSTANCE is equal to NULL (defined as 0 in Windows.h or one of the headers Windows.h includes).

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The rest of Microsoft’s Windows Security Center features run whether or not Defender or another antivirus program is protecting your system, but they’re worth mentioning. Defender compares new files and programs against a database of known malware and watches for signs that an attack is underway, such as the encryption of key files. Windows Defender comes with Windows 8.1 and 10 and can be disabled only by the installation of a third-party antivirus program, or, if you’re brave, editing the Windows Registry.

Double-click the key and change the number in the “Value data” field to 0 and then click OK to save the change. In most cases, you should have solved the issue that results in the Error Code 0x800704EC long before you reach the last solution above. In a situation where nothing you’ve done seems to work, you might have to either update Windows or reinstall it. You can check whether or not Defender is active in the Group Policy Editor and enable it yourself if required. However, to be able to make that kind of change, you need to be logged in to an administrator account. In case the previous solutions don’t do anything and you continue to get the 0x800704EC error when you try to activate Defender, don’t worry. The Registry Editor can be used to resolve the issue.

These animations take up additional time and in case you want your PC to be ultra fast, you can disable them. To do this, open the Run command ( Win+ R) and type “sysdm.cpl” and Enter. In the system properties, select the advanced tad.