Can a Tinder Profile be properly used as proof in a breakup?

Can a Tinder Profile be properly used as proof in a breakup?

Posted by Gabriel Cheong

If you’re in the middle of or finding your way through a contentious divorce or separation, it really is wise to talk to your breakup lawyer in regards to the forms of evidence that may be admitted throughout the procedures. Whenever many people think of proof, they believe of a weapon being presented to a jury throughout a trial that is criminal. But this might be simply the type or variety of thing you notice on TV.

During a divorce proceedings, numerous partners wonder just just what their wife or husband may use as proof against them. You will find less restrictions than you might think. Proof may be various types of things, from physical things to testimony and data that are electronic.

E-mails, texting, online content, and electronic information from apps may be admitted as proof throughout a breakup provided that the celebration adheres into the guidelines of proof. This consists of a Tinder profile or any other proof you dating while nevertheless hitched.

Exactly what do be applied as proof in a divorce proceedings

All sorts of information may be admitted as proof in court. All of it depends upon whether that specific variety of proof is admissible in line with the guidelines of Evidence. Continue reading